How to measure easily ?

Let's see in a short vidéo the right way to perfect measures !

You have a large instep ? a large foot ?

Measure your unstep,making the whole tour with a tape measuring and write the measure on the foot template in "observations". The red line show you the perfect place !

Regarding a large foot, measure the pargest size of your toes, making the nwhole tour, like shown by the beige line. Write your measure on the template foot.

1 - download the template here,

2 - Print it,

3 - stand up and put your foot on the paper,

4 - draw the shape with a pen, hold it straight.

5 - Draw both feet and fill the form.

6 - Send us your template by post mail, not through scan that sometime misrepresents length . To : Le Soulor - 25 rue du Maréchal Foch - 64530 Pontacq - FRANCE


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