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A bit of history...

Pontacq activity is linked to leather by the installation of many tanner shop in the 16 th century. Naturally, shoemakers settle. In 1925, the Paradis-Pommiès workshop, today renamed " Le Soulor 1925", was born.

At the very beginning, the workshop mainly manufactures studded boots with leather soles, sometimes aviator boots. Other more formal models complete the range and are regularly delivered to Parisian famous shop like the Samaritaine and the Bon Marché.

From this time it remains the emblematic mountains hiking shoes model, still requested by our customers nowadays, whether they are sherds, kickers or beautiful work lovers.

We do practice the  "norwegian handsewn". Technic rarely used today because its execution is complex and time consuming.


This technic, still used today in our workshop, combined with a first choice leather, ensure robustness, waterproofness and possibility of unlimited resoling to our models.

Today a new staff in the workshop.

Women and men put their talents at your service, perpetuating the "Made in France" with superior quality french raw materiels. 


Proud to promote french savoir-faire !

Come to meet us in our Pontacq workshop. Come and share with us this deep love of beautiful well done things. Lest you enchant by the workshop's atmosphere, leather perfume and old tools.

Buy differently, wear french skills, think durable.


Blason du Béarn
Atelier Le Soulor
Mode1le Vignemale en cours de fabrication

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