Shoe care

Cirage des chaussures I Le Soulor 1925

 The care of your shoes can be resumed in 4 essential actions:



Grease the greased threads

On all our models, the association between the upper and the sole block is sewn with greased threads, i.e. greased (with vegetable oil) to ensure suppleness and durability. Whether it is sewn in Norwegian with welt, or sewn in “small stitches”, it is advisable to clean and then grease from time to time these stitching threads of the sole in order to prolong their life and maintain the waterproofness of the assembly. We offer for sale a vegetable grease made in France by the Mulard company in Paris.



Keeping the leather clean and soft:

Whether you have chosen a greased leather (natural Dergermann, mahogany, chocolate) or a leather to be polished, the first thing to do is to keep the leather clean. To do this, a quick wash with soapy water is recommended, then leave your leather to dry well (away from any source of heat) before applying the cleaning products. You can also simply brush your shoes before applying the cleaning products. To clean and nourish your leather without staining it, we also recommend a universal cream (made for Le Soulor by Saphir – France) to be applied regularly.


Nourishing the leather

For clean and dry greased leathers, grease regularly with the same vegetable grease used for the maintenance of your mountain threads.  

For full grain leathers: alternate between colourless and coloured shoe polish (we offer a “Cognac colour” shoe beeswax specially made for us by Mulard in Paris, for our brown leathers). After applying the beeswax, a small stroke of polishing glove will ensure a perfect finish.

For suede leathers: obtained by sandpapering the upper side of the leather (called the grain side, is a noble product…which does not mean “impossible to maintain and fragile”), just avoid running them under water.  All our suede are water-repellent. This means that they have a “water-repellent” effect against water drops. This effect should be maintained by regularly using a waterproofing spray… on clean suede leather… This means that they have a “water-repellent” effect against water drops. This effect should be maintained by regularly using a waterproofing spray… on clean nubuck, of course. There are specific cleaning sprays for the maintenance of suede leather that can be used to revive the colours.


In case of stains on suede leather

First of all, use a suede brush.First of all, use a suede brush. If, and only if, the stain is ingrained and significant, use very fine sandpaper (240 grain) and try (first on a small area) stronger stain removers such as K2r® spray.


Use shoe trees

First of all, and in theory, you don’t put on the same pair of shoes every day if you want your faithful walking assistants to have a long life. Feet sweat, leathers relax, seams suffer… it is advisable to leave your shoes at rest regularly and, if possible, armed with their beautiful wooden shoe trees in order to maintain their shape and avoid the formation of walking creases that will weaken the shoe and make it less beautiful.


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