How does bespoke work ?

Prise de mesure des pied pour fabrication chaussures.

On request, we offer bespoked shoes, because not everyone is lucky enough to have “the perfect foot”, but also because some of our shoes are specific. We are thinking in particular of our “Ossau” and “Vignemale” models, for which we require a ” tailor-made ” service for distance selling. So how does it work?

It is in fact what we call a “half-measure” confection for which, during assembly, our foot workers will modify the shape used by adding thicknesses of leather in order to reproduce the particularities of your foot.


Download and print out a template of the fitting instructions, you can also draw on free paper as long as you draw a 5 cm scale on the page.


In order to judge these morphological particularities, we will need you to provide us with 4 measurements and write them on our document:

  • Your usual shoe size (be careful, it can be different between the left and right foot!),
  • The shape of your foot in a thin sock in a standing position, see video below,
  • In centimetres, the measurement of your instep (in red on the diagram),
  • In centimetres, the measurement (the perimeters) of your toe size (widest part of the feet, at the level of the metatarsals in yellow on the diagram).


Send your fitting instructions 

directly by post to our workshop (or by scan and email to

L’Atelier Le Soulor
(Service sur-mesure)
Place de Lattre de Tassigny
64800 NAY

Not sure of your shoe size?

Refer to the table of equivalence of sizes in cm and standard sizes. This will give you your “average” size. This size may differ from the one we choose for you during the custom fitting, as our shoe lasts do not always correspond to standard sizes.

Keep in mind that, as we have assembled your shoes “by hand”, we propose to ensure a free follow-up, with return to the Workshop to modify the lengths, widths or hardness of the shoes we have made for you. We can also change the soles of our models in the workshop, for a cost of 60€ in general (for more important work, on estimate), including return postage.

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