Ossau…get inspired !

Chaussure Ossau dans differents cuirs.

To help you to choose, here are some colour combinations. They all come from customer orders.

The customisation tool at your service on this site offers a large number of combinations, without being exhaustive. If one of the combinations below catches your attention, note its name (and/or its number) and indicate it in the commentary of the order for the classic Ossau (natural leather/red sole): “I would like combination number x.”

1 -Naturel/semelle orange

2 -Nubuck vert /semelle orange

3 – Nubuck marron/S.orange

4 – Acajou/Soufflet et S. rouges

5 – Nubuck vert/S.verte

6 – Acajou/S.recyclée

7 – Nubuck gris/ S.rouge

8 – Marine/ Haut bleu grainé/S noire

9 – Nubuck gris/S.orange

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